Biography 19

Mikail Robert Russo was born on April 29, 1985 and always lived on the coast of Maine.  He was the son of Paul and Carolyn, and the brother of Keagan and Karinna Russo.  He attended Rockport Elementary School, Mary E. Taylor Middle School, and Camden Hills Regional High School.

 Mikail, in simple terms, was an enthusiast.  During the winter months, Mikail played basketball with his family and friends and on many teams.  Mikail was a strong ball-handler and team player. He participated in youth basketball leagues from grade three through middle school. 

Each of these years he was part of a travel team of peers, which played throughout the state.  Mikail was a member of the Mary E. Taylor seventh and eighth grade championship basketball teams.  In the winter of 2000-2001, Mikail played on the Camden Hills Regional School freshman boys team.


 In the spring, Mikail played baseball.  He was a surefooted second baseman and an accomplished pitcher.  He was part of the championship 17-90 little league team for four years.  Each of these years he made the all-star team.  He participated for three years on the middle school teams.  Mikail played Babe Ruth Baseball for Camden from the age of 13-15.  As a freshman, he played on the Camden Hills jayvee baseball team.

The summer was always a delight for Mikail.  Organized baseball usually continued deep into July, and there was youth soccer and sports camps.  Mikail participated in the Camden-Rockport Youth Soccer League from age seven to 14.  During this time, he also took part in many United Soccer Federation of Maine (USFM) teams that played weekend games throughout central and coastal Maine.  Mikail attended and coached at the Coastal Soccer Camp in Camden, attended local basketball camp, and Colby College Soccer Camp annually.  It was at Colby that he won the coveted “Juggling” award.  In addition, Mikail used summertime to hone his golf skills.  He had a way of starting a round with three complete strangers and coming back to the clubhouse with a new group of friends.  He was a member of the Goose River Golf Club and played many weekends at Megunticook Golf Club.  His favorite partner was his father, Paul.  Although busy, Mikail always had time to play whiffleball with family, neighbors, and friends.  He often used up all of the duct tape in the house to solidify the bat and balls so they could soar over the backyard’s green monster (cedar hedge).  Mikail started to take tennis lessons in the summer of 2001 and planned to add that game to his list of accomplishments.


 In the fall, Mikail continued playing youth soccer and USFM soccer.  He played on his middle school’s seventh and eighth grade teams.  He usually played striker, wing, or halfback and was a prolific scorer.  Yet, if needed, he would jump into the goal.  As a freshman, with his arm in a cast (fractured in a preseason scrimmage), he played on both the freshman and jayvee soccer teams.  In his final season, he again played on the Camden Hills jayvee soccer team.

 Mikail was an accomplished musician and liked to travel.  He played trumpet for his middle school concert band and played rhythm guitar and sang for his middle school R & B band.  His singing performance at his eighth grade graduation was vibrant and brought the packed gym to their feet.  At home, Mikail also played acoustic and electric guitar.  Mikail enjoyed family trips to Washington DC, Boston (usually for a Red Sox or Celtics game), New England (college hunting for siblings), and New York.  His most memorable trip was his eighth grade cultural exchange to Japan. 

Mikail also enjoyed reading and watching movies.  His favorite books were The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and The Gods of Golf.  His favorite movies were Monty Python, Search for the Holy Grail and Happy Gilmore.

Mikail accomplished much in his short life, but his legacy is this:  he was a loving son and brother; he was a loyal friend and dedicated teammate; he had an openness to and an acceptance of all people; and he had a legendary sense of humor.


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